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Swain’s Hockey Skills & Development

Mission Statement:

Our goal at Swain’s Hockey Skills & Development is to help players of any age and skill achieve their goals on and off the ice. Our professional staff, training mechanisms and connections in the hockey world provide players the opportunity to improve their game.


During our on-ice sessions we target players’ individual needs. We specialize in small group training organized by age and skill thereby keep similar ages and skill sets together. We feel that high repetition detailed instruction at all skill levels is important for long term development and muscle memory. Step by step demonstration and video breakdown are key components in making sure the player understands what we are looking for as well as how they look when they go through each rep. We are not only looking to provide the players with a workout, but challenge their minds by teaching them the little skills that will help them succeed come game time.

Lessons Offered:

  • Private Lesson: 1-2 players $80 per player
  • Small Group Lesson: 3-6 players $60 per player
  • Group Lesson: 8-10 players $40 per player
  • Each lesson is 60 minutes
  • Sibling and group discounts are offered
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